Inquiry into the Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia

Australian House of Representatives Committee
Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport

Excerpt of the New Nicotine Alliance submission

We have tried many times to engage with people in public health who see vaping as a threat rather than an opportunity, but most of them refuse to listen to us, fairly debate us or to even meet with us so we can understand their concerns. In 2014 I was personally cut from the programme at Australia’s first Tobacco Harm Reduction Forum due to controversy over the content of what I was going to say as a consumer. Our opponents seem fixed in the idea that they are fighting an industry, when they are actually fighting against ordinary people who could not give up smoking any other way. They seem to want to silence us. Even the industry as it exists in Australia comprises almost entirely of multiple small businesses of 2 or 3 enthusiastic vapers helping people to quit smoking one by one rather than transnational corporations.

We urge the Committee to take these real stories from real people into consideration when formulating recommendations for regulation. We urge the Committee to recommend evidence based light touch regulations to save many thousands, if not millions of lives.

Thank you for allowing our voice to be heard.

Please allow us to remain non smokers.

Kind regards,
Dr Attila Danko:
For:- The New Nicotine Alliance, Australia.

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Improving public health through a greater understanding and acceptance of tobacco harm reduction.

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