Submission: Tobacco Control Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 (Northern Territory)

The Economic Policy Scrutiny Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory has before it the Tobacco Control Legislation Amendment Bill 2018. If approved as-is, this bill would see vapour included under smoke-free laws.

The committee invited public comment, and the Australian branch of the New Nicotine Alliance addressed a variety of myths in regard to e-cigarettes:

  • Sidestream aerosol is dangerous, just like sidestream smoke
  • Nicotine causes cancer
  • Vaping is as harmful as smoking
  • Vaping is a gateway to smoking
  • We just don’t know, and won’t know for a long time
  • Vaping is a Big Tobacco plot


The submission concludes:

The inclusion of e-cigarette use in smoke-free laws sends a message that smoking & vaping is of equivalent harm. Since vaping is significantly less harmful, this message should be avoided. There are many smokers who inadvertently have been discouraged from switching. …

Don’t rush in to quash the potential of e-cigs to deliver the tobacco harm reduction potential, viable through getting smokers to switch to much less harmful options. A better time to consider legislation would be after the federal government has legalised the retail sale of nicotine. The federal coalition has just ordered an independent inquiry into the health effects of e-cigarettes.

Further reading

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