About The New Nicotine Alliance

The New Nicotine Alliance Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, working towards improving public health through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products and their uses.  We receive no funding from tobacco, e-cigarette or pharmaceutical companies or their affiliates. We operate strictly with donations from private individuals and organisations.

Our Vision

Not just another method of quitting, but smoking made obsolete.  A public health revolution that saves a billion lives.  A revolution in the way nicotine is viewed, not as an addiction leading to death, but a mild recreational stimulant that should be regulated according to its minor risks.

Meet The Board

Charles Yates - President

Charles is semi-retired and spends the majority of his time advocating for tobacco harm reduction, running his website The Vapers Table, and assisting smokers with transition. He has also volunteered to rebuild and maintain the NNA site. 

Charles smoked for about 30 years, but in 2007 while living in the United States, he discovered vaping and electronic cigarettes. The rest as they say, is history.

His professional life includes operations management, business ownership, cooking, music composition-scoring and recording.

Although much of his time is taken up with vaping and advocacy, he has additional passions and interests. Spending time with his fiance and family, cooking, travelling, perusing kitchen, homeware and antique stores, as well as frequenting his favourite restaurants and cafes.

Annette Huppatz

Annette Huppatz

Annette’s professional background is diverse. Prior to becoming a full time carer, she was a qualified child care worker. Today, her focus is on advocacy. Having a strong belief in individual rights, as well as a passion for tobacco harm reduction, she is committed to the NNA’s mission.

Shortly after high school, armed with a fascination in science, Annette spent two years of tertiary study on the subject. Little did she know how useful this would become in sifting through the “junk science”.

Annette smoked heavily for over thirty years, and despite numerous attempts utilising all traditional means, she was unable to quit.

In early 2015, purely out of curiosity, she purchased her first personal vaporiser. Its potential as a viable alternative to traditional replacement therapies became evident within days.

Annette believes that the Australian government’s stance on tobacco harm reduction is impractical, costing smokers their lives by denying them a far healthier alternative.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Andrew has worked in administration at both state and federal levels, and is also a programmer. Much like Annette, he too holds a fascination for science.

After 29 years of smoking, and loving every cigarette, he was diagnosed with COPD & emphysema. He decided to experiment with vaping, hoping it may help in reducing his tobacco consumption. On taking the first puff of a vape with a relatively high nicotine content, he realised that vaping was more enjoyable. He instantly became an ex smoker!

When Andrew discovered that nicotine was legal in cigarettes, but illegal for the retail sale of vaping e-liquids, he became an advocate to legalise the sale of nicotine in Australia. He joined the Australian branch of the NNA soon after it launched, and is a powerful voice for a more pragmatic approach to regulatory measures that would benefit public health. 

Andrew wants to see vaping made much simpler for people of low SES, pensioners, indigenous people and those with mental health issues; all groups that have been left behind in the gradually shrinking smoking prevalence rates in Australia. 

Many of the people in these groups are not able to order nicotine online, and require a straightforward, legal way to obtain ready-to-vape e-liquids with nicotine.

Margaret Boyd

Margy is a retired surgical nurse with a diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. She smoked for 41 years and started vaping 6 years ago (October 2011) She started smoking at 17 yrs of age when she began a career in  nursing.

7 years ago, she was diagnosed with severe emphysema, and knew she had to stop smoking. However,  she could not quit with any approved NRT’s and was too scared to try champix; particularly after reading reviews and seeing black box warnings.

Her daughter told her that many in UK pubs were using electronic cigarettes, so after some research she discovered cigalikes with pre-filled 16 mg nicotine cartomisers. This was the only method that allowed her to quit smoking.

Margy believes Australia needs to change its current de facto ban on e-cigarettes. She has written to most public inquiries in Australia about e-cigarettes and wants all smokers to have a choice to switch to a 95% safer alternative; just like she has. It is unethical that we are criminals for vaping and believes everyone has a human right to use a less harmful alternative to smoking.

Margy was an associate of the NNA AU before joining the board and has offered to help the new NNA in any way she can (health permitting).