Welcome To The NNA AU

The New Nicotine Alliance Australia is a registered not-for-profit organisation, working towards improving public health through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products and their uses. 

The NNA comprises of a group of individuals who – by themselves and through their links with leading smoking and tobacco researchers and policy analysts – have contributed to improving individual, organisational and public understanding of what is known as ‘tobacco harm reduction’ – a term used to describe ways of reducing harm from cigarette smoking without necessarily giving up the use of nicotine. 

The NNA has representation in the UK, Sweden, Estonia and Australia. Its board members, associates and advisers, represent a broad range of professions and specialities – Scientists, chemists, pharmacists, public health specialists, policy advisers, medical professionals and consumer vapers, just to name a few.

Our Activities

Speaking at national and international smoking cessation and public health conferences

Briefing members of national and international tobacco control organisations

Providing support for smokers who wish to quit by transition to vaping

Making submissions in response to public consultations

Briefing media on new nicotine products on a reactive and proactive basis

Publishing commentaries in the mass media and in professional and scientific journals

Using social media (Twitter, Facebook) to enhance public understanding.

Briefing state and federal parliamentarians

GSTHR at Parliament house
Presenting the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction at Parliament House Sydney 2019

Meet Our Board

Charles Yates

Charles Yates - President

Megan Yates

Jan Walsh

Bio’s coming soon.

A United Effort

The NNA supports the following organisations and initiatives. We are a member of Innco and Caphra.