The NNA AU is committed to improving public health, through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products and their uses


The NNA is committed to advocating for responsible regulatory vaping legislations that benefit Public Health


The NNA and its members, advocate, promote and endorse the use of vaping and harm reduction alternatives


Members give freely of their time, assisting current smokers with information on harm reduction methods

Charter - Principals

The New Nicotine Alliance Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by donations from private individuals and organisations. We receive no funding from tobacco, e-cigarette or pharmaceutical companies or their affiliates. 


Our board and associate members advocate for responsible, pragmatic regulatory change, that would contribute greatly to public health Australia. We wish to see a mature public and organisational understanding as to the potential of less harmful nicotine products, including their safety and efficacy, and hence contribute to the reduction in cigarette smoking

Smoking Prevalence

Approximately 3 million Australians still smoke. Although we have witnessed a steady decline in recent decades, smoking rates virtually stalled during 2013 to 2016.

Tobacco Harm Reduction

A term used to to describe ways of reducing harm from cigarette smoking without necessarily giving up the use of nicotine – This includes Vaping, Snus and Heat not Burn.

Helping Smokers Quit

Millions of smokers have found vaping to be the most effective cessation method.  Please contact us for more information, and assistance with making the transition to vaping. 

Vape It Forward 2019

Introducing smokers to a proven, safer alternative

Commencing in March 2019, we will be meeting with smokers throughout Australia, assisting them with transitioning to vaping.

Vaping at a glance

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center of Greece, has found that nicotine has little effect on cardiovascular disease. 

While nicotine with may be addictive, at least a dependency,  non-combustible products that use nicotine are preferable to cigarettes as a way of delivering nicotine

Experts take a look at the evidence on some of the issues that surround the use of e-cigarettes – it turns out there is not as much debate as we thought.

This is a shortened version of the second of five NCSCT films for the public, part-funded by Public Health England and produced in association with the New Nicotine Alliance.

Current Government policy is detrimental to Public health – 
Vapers deserve access to nicotine too

Australian Nicotine Regulations

Please visit the following links to understand compliance, in terms of the importation of pharmaceutical nicotine for e-liquids.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration-
Liquid Nicotine and Importing 
Scheduling delegate’s final decisions, March 2017

2018 Closing session of the GFN

Here is an overview from this years conference. The NNA AU and UK always has representation at these events, and we look forward to attending in 2019. 

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